Plug, Butterfly, & Ball Valves. Manual & Control.
Sleeveline Alloy Non-Lubricated Plug Valves, 1/2" thru 14" Standard Port and 1" thru 6" V-Port.
TSG & G4B Severe Service Plug Valves, Marathon Valves 3 Year Warranty
Mach 1 Top Entry, In-Line Repairable, High Temp Plug Valve
T-Line PTFE Lined Plug Valves, 1/2" thru 8" Standard Port in ductile iron & 316 SS, and 1" thru 6" V-Port.
BTV Series PTFE or UHMWPE Lined Butterfly Valves with an Alloy Disc, PFA, or UHMWPE Encapsulated Disc, 2" thru 24".
Big Max High Performance Butterfly Valves 2" thru 36".
Atomac Fully Lined Ball, Check, Sight Glass Valves and Strainers with FEP, PFA, Kynar and polypropylene lining in standard, full port ½" thru 12" and V-Port design 1"-3".

FLOWSERVE AUTOMAX, INC. Pneumatic & Electric Actuators.
Pneumatic Supernova Anodized & SS Rack and Pinion Actuators, 90° & 180° through 24,000 in. lb.
Heavy Duty Pneumatic Scotch Yoke Actuators Thru 1,000,000 in. Lbs.
Electric Actuator Torque thru 3,500 in. lbs.
Controls Limit switches, Positioners pneumatic & I/P, Hart, and NAMUR Flow Controls

FLOWSERVE NOBLE ALLOY - A Leader In High Alloy Valves (Hastelloy, Titanium, etc.)
3rd Dimension 3pc Forged or Cast Ball Valves ANSI 150-1500, Soft & Metal Seats, Full Port Only
System II Cast Pc Body 150-300 Flg, 1/2” to 4”, Fugitive Emissions Packing Std, Full Port Only
Custom Valves 1/4” to 18” ANSI 150-1500, Machined from Bar Stock, Soft or Metal Seats
V-Port Control 30° & 45° in All Alloys
Swing Check Bar Stock from ANSI 150-1500, Integral Metal Seats, All Alloys
Condor Check Wafer Type Valve from ANSI 150-1500 Full Port, All Alloys, Soft & Hard
Multiport 3-Way Diverting Valve from ANSI 150-1500 F&R Port, Soft & Metal Seats

Ball Valves : Derakane 370 & Z-Core FRP Ball Valves 1-8” 150# Flanged
Butterfly Valves : Durcor Fiber Reinforced Composite Butterfly Valves Lined with PTFE or UHMWPE, Disc’s Encapsulated with PFA, UHMWPE or an Alloy Disc in 316SS, Hastelloy C,
or Titanium. 5 Year Warranty on the Valve Body. SS Handles & Gear Available.

AT Controls : Ball Valves, Actuators and Controls
Valves Manual and Automated Valve Packages: 2-piece, 3-piece High Performance, Soft Seat, High Temperature Metal Seat, Split Body Flanged, Full Port,
Firesafe, Direct Mount, Sanitary, Multi Port - 3-way & 4-way & 5-way, Tank Bottom, V-port, Control Ball, High Performance and Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves.
Actuators Electric & Pneumatic
Controls Positioners, Limit Switches, Solenoid Valves

ADVANCED VALVE DESIGN Industrial Cast and Fabricated Valves & Dampers.
Butterfly, Flapper, Diverter, & Guillotine type available in Cast Iron, Carbon Steel,
304SS, 316SS & Higher Alloys. All types automation available.

Electric Actuators for quarter turn valves and dampers with speeds ranging from 2 to 60 seconds,
options include extra limit switches, single & dual potentiometers, space heaters, positioners,
epoxy coating for corrosion resistance and manual overrides.
Type AR actuator with torques through 48,000 in. lbs.
Type SR spring return torques through 1200 in. lbs.

US Valve Company Complete Line High Performance and Blower Check Valves - Metal &
Elastomer Hinged Wafer, Flanged, NPT, Deep Well, Transition-Check and Fabricated for
Special Requirements. Cast Steel, 316SS, Brass, Aluminum and Higher Alloys Available.
Sizes Ranging from 1”-24”

NORRISEAL VALVES & CONTROLS High Performance 2-24” ANSI 150-600.
Resilient seated 2-36” & Teflon lined 2-12”. Bettis & Norris diaphragm actuation available.
Norriseal control valves 1/4-8” ANSI 150-2500, cage & plug control available, high pressure
3-way control valves, No freeze valves, check valves, level controllers, level switches &
transmitters, pressure controllers & transmitters, & temperature controls.

Globe Valves Globe control valves 1/2” thru 12” linear and rotary designs available
Rotary Control Valves ANSI Class 300 with 150# & 300# RF Flanged available
in Carbon steel and 316SS with 316SS/Ceramic trim standard
Type 313 Condensate Overflow Traps
Type 377 Float Cages - Level Control for Tanks
Type 200 Vacuum Breakers 2-12” in Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, & Stainless Steel

GIE Weir and straightway diaphragm valves, lined and unlined in cast iron, ductile iron, stainless
steel and other alloys. Materials available are tefzel, glass, hard rubber, natural rubber, hypalon,
butyl, PFA, polyprolene, PVC, and neoprene. Sizes from 1/2" through 12" available.

Orbinox Knife Gate Valves High performance knife gate valves in cast iron, 304L SS, 316SS,
SMO254 and other alloys. Full Wafer Lugged & Semi Lugged Bodies Available. Seat Options
Include Most Elastomers and Metal Seats. Flush Ports, Rubber Sleeved, Scrapers, and V-Gates
for are Common Options. A complete Line of Actuation is Available Including DA & SR
Cylinders, Electric, Etc. Tilting Disc Check and MutiPort Valves are also Available.
Hydroseal Valve Safety Relief Valves in Bronze, Cast Steel, 316SS, Allloy 20, Monel, &
Hastelloy C. Sizes Range from 1/2” NPT thru 4” Flg, Pressures to 12,500 PSIG &
Temperatures to 800° F. Metal and O-Ring Seats Available. ASME V & UV Code
Stamped and NBBI Capacity Certified.

Key Instruments Flow Meters Made of machined acrylic, molded polycarbonate, glass tube,
and electronic flow meters, optical flow alarms and controllers, and flow control valves, for
medical, industrial, chemical, & laboratory applications.